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SenseHAT paint

Here’s a very simple ‘paint’ project for the RaspberryPi SenseHAT. I was trying to draw icons for a graphical weather project, and I felt the need of some kind of paint program that would allow me to draw on the … Continue reading

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Pimoroni Flotilla – first impressions

Hot on the heels of my official Raspberry Pi SenseHAT, Mr Postman brought me the Pimoroni Flotilla. I got this early because I backed it on Kickstarter, ooh quite a long time ago now, and I’d almost forgotten about it. … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi news ticker

Here’s an updated version of my weather ticker – this one gives you the BBC news headlines too! It uses a SenseHAT plug-in board atop a RaspberryPi – no soldering required, just install the SenseHAT and feedparser (‘sudo pip install … Continue reading

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SenseHAT weather forecaster

Here’s a really simple scrolling weather forecast for the RaspberryPi SenseHAT. It uses the BBC Weather RSS feed, so you would replace the postcode (‘bs1′) with your own to get your local forecast. You’ll also need to install feedparser – … Continue reading

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RaspberryPi dice project

Here’s a simple dice (ok, die) project for the Raspberry Pi SenseHAT – it senses a shake by measuring the G-force on the accelerometer. If the G-force goes above 1.4, it generates a random number between 1 and 6 and … Continue reading

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