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Making beautiful music with a MakeyMakey

The MakeyMakey is a gizmo that allows you to control computers by touching anything that conducts a small amount of electricity: PlayDoh, fruit, vegetables, even graphite pencil. As you may know, I’ve been playing tunes on potatoes and making Scratch … Continue reading

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Six Simple Synthesizers: a personal history of synth pop

This is not a definitive history of electronic music. This is a personal account of the electronic music that has punctuated my life and meant something to me. You can listen along to most of the music on this Spotify … Continue reading

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6 great albums you’ve never heard

Inspired by the NME’s ’100 Greatest Albums You’ve Never Heard’, here are my six nominations. Giant by The Woodentops (Rough Trade, 1986). They suffered from the Curse of Morrissey: Mozzer would namecheck a band, have them support The Smiths on … Continue reading

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What You Need

What you need is One. What face? Two: face new Three. Face mag for arse Four. Three rules of audience Five. Mug of Geoff Travis, framed Six. The book Theft is Vision by the brothers Copeland. The Fall, What You … Continue reading

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