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SenseHAT weather forecaster

Here’s a really simple scrolling weather forecast for the RaspberryPi SenseHAT. It uses the BBC Weather RSS feed, so you would replace the postcode (‘bs1′) with your own to get your local forecast. You’ll also need to install feedparser – … Continue reading

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RaspberryPi dice project

Here’s a simple dice (ok, die) project for the Raspberry Pi SenseHAT – it senses a shake by measuring the G-force on the accelerometer. If the G-force goes above 1.4, it generates a random number between 1 and 6 and … Continue reading

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Spirit level for SenseHAT

I just got myself an early Christmas present – a SenseHAT for the RaspberryPi. This is the same gizmo Tim Peake will be using on the ISS to run AstroPi experiments designed by school children, so I have the added … Continue reading

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