OSX on a Lenovo Ideapad S10-2 – again

triple boot on a par five hole

(behold my – working! – boot-up options, using the old-skool classic GRUB bootloader)

I’ve given up trying to get the audio to work on OS X on my IdeaPad’s msiWindOSX install. Could not get Audieee to work. A 10.5.5 update trashed the OS. I re-installed msiWindOSX and the fricking Terminal app wouldn’t run! I think a retail copy of Snow Leopard might be the way to go.

A colleague and I last night both reminisced on how much time we had spent getting out Bondi Blue iMacs to sync with out Palm Pilots by infra red. We reckoned about 2 weeks’ work. Some things are just not worth the effort. Besides, the current versions of Spotify and WINE play nice, so I can use my free Spotify account in Ubuntu!

Anyway, here’s a list of what I’ve tested and does work in msiWindOSX on a Lenovo S10-2:

  • Screen, including brightness function keys.
  • Wifi – with a little patch
  • iTunes to manage my Mac-formatted iPod – but there’s no audio though, and I had to download new versions of QuickTime and iTunes to work with my iPod Nano
  • Adobe Illustrator CS
  • Webcam in iChat – but not in PhotoBooth
  • The SD card reader slot works a treat – OS X can natively handle Nikon RAW NEF files, so OS X could be a useful tool for photography.
  • FlickrUploadr
  • Trackpad – but no gestures or 2-finger strolling
  • Networking with other Macs over wifi (ethernet is not supposed to work but I’ve not tested it)
  • USB devices such as memory sticks and Microsoft optical mouse
  • TillyPaint!

Not yet tested:

  • Bluetooth
  • Ethernet (not expecting this to work)
  • External VGA monitor
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7 Responses to OSX on a Lenovo Ideapad S10-2 – again

  1. Majrul Ansari says:

    Didn’t you test it with the s10 enabler?

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  3. blogmywiki says:

    Hi – do you mean the Snow Leopard enabler? I’ve been using Leopard so far, and Snow Leopard with the enabler is next on my list to try.

  4. q8phantom says:

    The most easiest laptop in the world to install snow leopard on it is the S10.
    1-Just restore you snow leopard DVD to an external drive through disk utility in your OS X
    2-Install S10 Enabler into that partition.
    3-Install snow leopard from here.
    If you don’t have a mac you can follow this
    1-Burn snow leopard to a DVD
    2-Install it.
    3-Install the enabler and restart

    *Don’t forget to update to the latest bios before anything! :D Bluetooth work and everything I think except the LAN.

  5. blogmywiki says:

    Thank you q8pahntom – got it working that way now with the S10 Enabler and a £25 retail copy of Snow Leopard. Seems to work really well. Not sure I need Windows or Linux at all now :-)

  6. swiborg says:

    Hi. Can you please write, how you did GRUB to boot Mac OS? I have one partition with Ubuntu and GRUB installed, and second with Mac OS. GRUB recognized Mac OS, but boots into it only if make it’s partition active.

  7. blogmywiki says:

    I had to install an older version of Grub to get OS X to boot – but I’m not using Grub (or Linux) anymore, just using OS X and WindowsXP using the Darwin bootloader.

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