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Flotilla hacking with a Mac

Inspired by I plugged Flotilla into my Mac. I browsed my /dev/ folder and took a guess that the Flotilla dock was ‘tty.usbmodem1421′ – which proved correct. Then I typed screen /dev/tty.usbmodem1421 9600 at the Terminal prompt, and wiggled … Continue reading

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Python CoolPlay for OS X

Update – a new version of PyPlay is now on GitHub. It has pretty colours and gives you the out time and everything. CoolPlay is a very useful Windows program that plays audio files. So what? Lots of programs do … Continue reading

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Using an old Wacom Graphire tablet in OS X 10.10 Yosemite

I love it when I make things work that shouldn’t and I also love saving money. This does both. I have an old Wacom Graphire graphics tablet model ET-0405-U. It’s not supported by recent versions of OS X, but graphics … Continue reading

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How to get Word to paste unformatted text by default

This is something that drives me mad. Why (oh why) do word processors (Word, Open Office) paste formatted text by default? Almost always what you want to do is to paste unformatted text, so that it matches the font of … Continue reading

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Adobe Audition 3 on a modern Mac

I wrote previously about getting CoolPlay to run on a Mac. CoolPlay is WindowsXP software used for playing audio clips, developed for BBC Radio, but it has other uses too, and I don’t know of any Mac software that does … Continue reading

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