Can’t afford a Hemingwrite? I have an idea…

I LOVE the idea of the Hemingwrite. It’s like a portable typewriter that allows you to write distraction-free whilst still saving your work electronically and backing it up online. It has a proper keyboard and – crucially – an eInk display (like Kindle or Nook electronic book reader) so you can use it outdoors in bright sunlight, and save power.

I love it. I want one so much it hurts, but I can’t afford one (though I did chuck $5 at their Kickstarter because I think it’s such an incredibly great idea). So I got thinking – how about making my own? Initially I thought – RaspberryPi. But eInk displays are hard to find – Adafruit’s are tiny and expensive for the size. Then I remembered my rooted Nook. This £29 e-reader can, it seems, be modded to work with a USB keyboard. I’ve not done it yet, but at the very least I could use this with an existing Android simple word processor. Or – and I know nothing at all about developing Android apps – a simple word-processor that backs up into the cloud… a cheap & cheerful British alternative to the Hemingwrite – the WoolfWrite!

Somebody has an even more cunning idea, however…

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2 Responses to Can’t afford a Hemingwrite? I have an idea…

  1. J says:

    I love the Hemingwrite idea also, but I don’t have an extra 399$ to spend.

    I have a Kindle keyboard, a Nook Simple Touch (and a Raspberry pi) and I have tried different methods, including the Kindleberry Pi and Nook with a keyboard.

    I like Nook better, I must say. The screen refresh is better, and using the Norefesh app makes the lag between a keypress and the character showing up on the screen almost unnoticeable – maybe even a better screen refresh rate than Hemingwrite’s (just guessing).

    The method I normally use when I want a distraction free eink writer: I ssh to my Linux laptop from my rooted Nook, launch tmux and launch Emacs and turn the laptop screen off.

  2. pjf says:

    Old news but have you tried an alphasmart neo? you can pick them up for like 20 now.

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