2 cool RaspberryPi projects

Here are two insanely cool Raspberry Pi projects I spotted this week.

First up, turn a rotary dial phone into an MP3 player. This seems really simple and do-able. James West points out that some telephone EQ on the audio files would be desirable – boost the mid, slice off the top & bottom. The example plays nursery rhymes, and I can see this being a great gizmo to have in a classroom for KS1 children. Personally, I’m tempted to make a modern day Dial-a-Disc phone for my daughter. And if you want to know what Dial-a-Disc was, ask your gran.

Next: Libby Miller does very cool things with Raspberry Pi radios. (I think she may get paid for doing this, in which case she totes has my dream job). For some reason I’ve only just stumbled upon Radiodan, and I’ll be experimenting with this radio prototyping platform as much as my time allows. I love making RaspberryPi radios, and this is so much up my street I can’t believe I didn’t know about this – or perhaps I did and it got lost in the noise. Anyway, Libby’s latest radio uses old Oyster cards to play different podcasts when you present the relevant card to the radio. Wave Mark Kermode at the radio – Wittertainment! Sarah Koenig – get Serial! Totes amaze.

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