Bitmap fonts

Bauhaus2015 sampler

I used to love making fonts – even back in the 1980s I made bitmap fonts for the ZX Spectrum. This is a homage to the font I made for my mid-80s A-Level Computer Science project, which did on-screen graphics and titles for home videos. That font was called Bauhaus, this one is (I think) a bit taller and spindlier, so I’ve called it Bauhaus2015. I must dig out my notes from the loft and recreate the original one.

lower case letters

quick brown fox

special characters

Download Bauhaus2015 here.

Sir Clive font

Oh and here’s a font I just made based on the Sinclair logo! Use lower case only for best results. Named after Sinclair Research’s founder, ‘Uncle’ Clive Sinclair. Sir Clive to you. Download here and I’ve also made a bold version called Sir Clive the Bold:

sir clive the bold

Sir Clive the Bold font

These were all made with the rather fabulous (and free) BitFontMaker2 web site. It’s a really easy way to make your own bitmap TrueType fonts:


Ages ago I also made a Type1 font called Punchie, after looking at punch tape at the Porthcurno Museum of Submarine Telegraphy. I must try & make a TrueType version of it…

Punchie font demo

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One Response to Bitmap fonts

  1. Suzzie or Dave says:

    Hi thanx 4 this info, I’m a humble(ish) electronics designer and trannie (thus the femme name). and a fan of Sir Clive and the imfamous 405 quad current dumper amplifier. I have been working on an enhanced 405 with help from world experts Kieth Snook and Douglass Self for many years and the end result is based on the current dumper crossed with the 303 and 606 and Sir Clives imfamous Z50 AND the end result is being prototyped soon and can be built virtually identicalcy to a Z50 with extra BC109′s etc, so rather than butcher one of my originals, I can make a copy and the last step is to copy my version of the logo “sinquid” and print on acetate sheet on my cannon pixma. any advice would be apreciated. And once the “beastie” works well to send the info and schematics and maybe a prototype to the great man.

    Yours Suzzie

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