Home-made vermouth part 2 – gin!

A few weeks ago I had a go at making my own vermouth by infusing some herbs and spices in a small amount of vodka and adding it to some wine. I bottled it last week and the results are pretty good!

Now I’m having a go at making my own gin-like drink. No idea if this is going to work, but the plan is this: I filled a small jar with vodka and added the ingredients listed below. It already smells like gin! I’m hoping that the longer I leave it, the more intense the flavours will be and hence the more I will be able to dilute the resulting ‘tea’ with plain vodka to make it go further.

Here’s what’s in the jar:

  • Handful of juniper berries – this is essential!
  • 3 petals of star anise
  • about 10 coriander seeds
  • a sage leaf from the garden
  • some cucumber peel
  • tiny amount of dried thyme
  • a cardamom pod and its seeds, crushed
  • a sliver of nutmeg
  • a few rosemary leaves
  • a kaffir lime leaf
  • a few fennel seeds
  • small amount of cinnamon
  • some lemon peel, thinly-sliced
  • fresh ginger, small amount, thinly-sliced


I’ll post an update in a week or two when I’ll see if it’s ready for sipping!

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