The ultimate guide to xkcd, part 1

Life is short, xkcd is long – over 700 strips and counting. What to do?

Fear not – I’ve picked the best ones for you, starting with numbers 1 to 301… the ones that made me laugh out loud and the ones that made me cry. Actually they pretty much all made me laugh out loud, aside from the barrel ones.

The Barrel Strips – remind me of Peter Blegvad’s Leviathan.

The Other Strips – t-shirts – self-reference – car insurance – love – shrodinger’s comic – secrets – the cure – wait for me – why do you love me? – graduation – abusive astronomy – su doku – curse levels – bored with the internet – iambic pentameter – jacket – sunrise – jeremy irons – snakes on a plane 2 – spoiler alert! – computational linguistics – dating service – quirky girls – dPain over dT – Linux sandwich – grownups – where it all started when I spotted this strip stuck to a fridge in someone’s Flickr photostream – automatic doors – perfect sound – ninja turtles – blanket fort – cat proximity – cd tray fight – cat captions – t h white’s merlin – the electromagnetic spectrum – meet the parents – movie pet peeve – mildly sleazy uses of Facebook pt14

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