The Amazing Random Possessive Book Title Generator

Yes, there are random book title generators out there on the internet, but what I really wanted was one that would generate possessive book titles.

You know the ones: Flaubert’s Parrot, Hemingway’s Chair, Milton’s Custard. (I may have made the last one of these up).

So, unwrap a teacake, get out a notepad and get writing! I should warn you that if you use one of these titles and win the Booker Prize, I want an invite to the do.

Jane Eyre’s Camera, Karl Marx’s Custard and Chomsky’s Underpants – they are all here for the taking.

Click here to go to the generator.

(It’s written in bodgy Javascript – next steps: re-write it in PHP. Then re-write it in Python and get it to automatically tweet a new random book title twice a day…)

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