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Making use of old Apple computers

Repairing a G4 ‘Anglepoise’ iMac

My son’s school was chucking out a faulty 700 MHz G4 Anglepoise iMac – apprently it had an intermittant fault where the hard drive clicked and it wouldn’t boot. Of course I couldn’t bear to see this become land-fill so … Continue reading

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Innocence lost

With a slightly heavy heart I’ve had to install parental controls on the computer in the back room – which meant upgrading the G3 Tower of Power from MacOS 10.3 to 10.4 (Tiger). The boys had been looking at some … Continue reading

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G4 Tower of Power!

Someone was chucking this out – a G4 PowerMac with OS 8.6, a 10GB hard drive and 64MB RAM. I spent £30 on 256MB more RAM, and stuck in it the 20GB hard drive I used to have in my … Continue reading

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