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Drive 4 digit 7-segment LED displays direct from a micro:bit

I bought a bag of random 7-segment LED displays to play around with, originally with the idea of adding them to the address and data busses on my 6502 breadboard computer. That became a bit tricky, but I got thinking … Continue reading

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micro:bit OLED compass

These 128 x 64 pixel OLED displays are inexpensive and provide a great way to augment micro:bit projects. They’re easy to wire up using a breakout board and 4 female-to-female jumper wires. Just connect it like this: OLED / micro:bit … Continue reading

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micro:bit radio messager with OLED display

What it is Based on my previous micro:bit keyboard project, this allows you to type a message on a micro:bit using an old PC PS/2 keyboard and send it over radio to another micro:bit. How to make it You’ll need … Continue reading

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Read a PS/2 keyboard on a BBC micro:bit

What you’ll learn That computer keyboards aren’t just switches – they need power to make them work They comprise a matrix of buttons connected in rows and columns Computers don’t read your keypresses directly – the keyboard contains a circuit … Continue reading

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How the micro:bit helps you understand fundamentals of computing

I’ve made a few projects recently using 4 x 4 membrane keypads with the BBC micro:bit. I made a calculator, then a wireless communicator and most recently I recreated the 1970s game Mastermind. I thought it might be interesting to … Continue reading

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