Big list of internet radio stations

IMPORTANT UPDATE APRIL 2015: The BBC has changed the way it streams network radio – see here for details.

I’ve been tinkering with my PiRadio tonight. I loaded someone else’s code, which unfortunately included the command mpc clear – this wiped my playlist of internet radio stations, and I had to add them again manually. The upside of this was finding this web site, which has a really good list of internet radio stations: I especially like that it includes what looks like streams for the BBC World Service UK stream AND the World Service 24 hour news stream – what I knew as ENNWS when I worked there. And GYB (Grey Bars) before that. I digress…

You can add stations to your RaspberryPi internet radio with the command
mpc add
for example.

I’ve also tweaked the code for my PiRadio with the Arduino-driven LCD display. It now shows the radio’s IP address if you press SEL to pause and then press the LEFT button. There are a few other minor tweaks. It assumes you have MPD and MPC installed and that you’ve got 11 stations set up. It plays station 10 by default, which is the mighty fip on my radio. You can download it here.

Here’s my own pick of internet stations:

BBC Radio 1

Radio 2

Radio 3

Radio 4

R4 Extra



BBC World Service UK stream

BBC World Service News stream


North West Public Radio (US)

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5 Responses to Big list of internet radio stations

  1. Cyril says:

    Oho, looking for a BBC 6 music and ending on this Blog, and see FIP on the picture (while playing in my ears). Happy to see FIP strikes a cord abroad :P

  2. Erick says:

    Looks like first 3 is not working :-(

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