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Winter holiday reading

A quick wintery ‘recently read’ roundup… Just My Type by Simon Garfield. My favourite of the bunch – an inspired Christmas present from @gwithiansunset. Apparently this was serialised on Radio 4, which is a bit odd for a book about … Continue reading

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Charlie Brooker and the Spooky Coincidence

I got Dawn of the Dumb, Charlie Brooker’s collection of Guardian columns for Christmas, and I’ve been chuckling my way through it since the big day. This despite the fact that I’m clearly the sort of person Mr Brooker would … Continue reading

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Christmas shopping on Covent Garden last week, I got heckled by a street performer. Yes, I got heckled. Covent Garden was heaving, you could hardly move. This street entertainer had an audience of, ooh I think maybe two people. I … Continue reading

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Achtung, Baby

I was going to write a small rant about Christmas tree lights (why wired in series, not parallel, etc) but they are almost all working now. A mere 7 bulbs replaced in one set, a mere hour and a half … Continue reading

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Polar Excess

Is it just me, or is the animated film Polar Express a nasty piece of work? I watched it at the in-laws last year on DVD – I may have had too much goose and port but it made me … Continue reading

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