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micro:bit radio messager with OLED display

What it is Based on my previous micro:bit keyboard project, this allows you to type a message on a micro:bit using an old PC PS/2 keyboard and send it over radio to another micro:bit. How to make it You’ll need … Continue reading

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Read a PS/2 keyboard on a BBC micro:bit

What you’ll learn That computer keyboards aren’t just switches – they need power to make them work They comprise a matrix of buttons connected in rows and columns Computers don’t read your keypresses directly – the keyboard contains a circuit … Continue reading

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Learn how a keypad matrix works with a micro:bit

Use a micro:bit, some buttons, and wires to learn how a keyboard matrix works Back in 2018 I had a go at making a simple pocket calculator using some micro:bits, and one thing that’s been bugging me ever since was … Continue reading

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