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Simple Microbit wireless data class activities

I’ve been very impressed with the radio module in microbit Python. As an extension to a year 8 microbit lesson I got two of my pupils to test out the awesome firefly project. There was a very magical look of … Continue reading

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Scratch advent calendar projects

Here’s a Christmas-themed Scratch project that I am going to do with my Year 7s. We’re going to make advent calendars. It can be differentiated several ways: First project is a simple calendar where you click on a numbered door … Continue reading

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Updated SenseHAT weather station

Still pondering how best to improve my simple Raspberry Pi SenseHAT weather station, but I thought I’d share some improvements. The code now keeps track of highs and lows over the period it’s been logging and displays them on the … Continue reading

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Simple Raspberry Pi weather station

Chart showing the weather in my lounge overnight! Can you spot when the central heating came on? Also note the correlation between temperature and humidity. Numbers refer to blocks of 5 minutes. I previously blogged about some very simple Python … Continue reading

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RaspberryPi SenseHAT live pressure graphs

UPDATE: Now plotting air pressure, temperature AND humidity – see end of this post! I’ve been playing with the RaspberryPi SenseHAT to see how easy it would be to code some live data logging of environmental factors like temperature or … Continue reading

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