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The Imitation Game vs Enigma

Bit late to this but finally saw The Imitation Game this weekend. Really rather disappointed – I think Enigma (also about breaking the same cipher in Bletchley Park in WW2) is the better film. I just wasn’t convinced by the … Continue reading

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Everything is Awesome in Uncanny Valley

Let me make one thing clear: I love The Lego Movie. It is truly awesome. I only just saw it, and yet despite all the glowing reviews and comments, I was not disappointed (though I would have enjoyed it even … Continue reading

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Earth to Earth

This is a lovely Straight8 film. (Straight8 involves shooting a film, in sequence on one roll of Super 8 film – no editing!) http://chillibean.net/perl/sohosoho/player/player.pl?token=CKVC34LS&source=WR

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LA Story

I think I’m the only person I know who likes Los Angeles. And this cheered me up just now: quotes from the Steve Martin film LA Story. For example: Harris: Hello, this is Harris. I’m in right now, so you … Continue reading

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